Paper Makers at Mini Maker Faire

September 2, 2015

Often the use of paper is thoughtless, a mundane use of an ordinary object. We use paper every day and often take it for granted, using it to scribble down notes, that will be soon thrown away, or lost among a myriad of notes and other desk supplies. In the case of the PaperMAKER Intern Team, led by Shirah Miriam Auman or “Mimi” as she is better known, paper is no mundane ordinary object. Mimi has made it her life’s work to understand the ancient and traditional techniques of paper making and is spearheading a movement to bring this knowledge to the Ozarks.

By allowing a team of artists, students, and professionals of diverse backgrounds to endeavor into this project with her, Mimi and the paper makers have been able to secure studio space and begin making papers from fibers such as Abaca, Switchgrass and Kozo (Japanese Paper Mulberry).

Our journey with Auman, began last October when we were able to catch up with her at the C-Street Gallery, during her solo show Hemp and Pots, Grass and Trees. Inevitably, there is always an educational element to Mimi’s work, always thoroughly researched and voraciously studied, which is why we fell in love with her process and technique.

Recently, Artivities had the honor of sponsoring the intern team, at the Ozarks Mini Maker Faire in Springfield, Missouri. During the event the team pulled two sheets of 4’x8′ papers! It was extraordinary to watch the teamwork and obvious preparation this took. In all the team demonstrated 3 paper making techniques, and even offered group activities to guests of the event. We are very proud to have been the sponsor for these hard working MAKERS!


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